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Teachers help prevent juvenile delinquency

08 Apr Teachers help to prevent juvenile delinquency

All dedicated educators share the desire to help their students become positive and productive members of society.  Unfortunately, some students will never reach that goal due to factors including disabilities, family issues, and social/economic struggles.  We believe educators make a difference by learning about the...

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research based interview survey

01 Jun 3 types of transition assessments

Introduction to Transition Assessments When researching Transition or talking about it with educators, there are 2 main topics that come up which are Postsecondary Goals and Transition Assessments.   In this discussion, we'll be focusing on assessments.   Let's start by discussing what the law requires regarding these...

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Group of people smiling - soft skills

15 May Comprehensive Soft Skills List and Sample Activities

What Are Soft Skills? According to Wikipedia, soft skills include things like habits, attitudes, motivations, social skills, and communication.  These skills are important in all aspects of life - especially regarding employment.  Soft skills are an important part of gaining, maintaining, and advancing in employment.   Examples...

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5 Steps to Improving Classroom Behavior

01 May 5 Steps to Improving Classroom Behavior

Starting Point for Improving Classroom Behavior Inappropriate classroom behavior is a problem that many students, administrators, and teachers are sure to face at some point. Most educators would agree that the best way to avoid inappropriate behaviors would be to start each year (or experience) with...

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IEP Goals

26 Apr 3 Keys to Writing Compliant IEP Goals

Important Aspects of Writing Compliant IEP Goals IEP goals are the backbone of the Individualized Education Plan.  In order to be compliant, IEP goals need to meet three important criteria including communicating what the student is working on that year, must be individualized based on student...

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