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Data Collection Software Solution

Ten Sigma's Data Collection software is a flexible tool for assessing students
that can be used by cooperatives, districts, buildings, and teachers.

2 Common Problems with
Non-Standardized Assessments:

All districts screen and assess students for deficits in meeting grade level standards through standardized tests.  Educators also use non-standardized tests and screeners (also called Common Assessments) to identify deficits related to social-emotional learning, words read per minute, sight words, computation skills, etc.


Using a variety of Non-Standardized or Common Assessments throughout the school year is best practice to help educators to get a more holistic picture of the student's strengths and needs. 

Problem #1: A Lot of Wasted Time

These assessments waste a lot of time entering assessment templates, loading students and staff, and organizing and analyzing the results using Google docs or spreadsheets, and then making meaningful decisions.


So much of this wasted time is prevents administrators from using more of their true skills and talents because they are trapped in this inefficient process.

Problem #2: Not Done Often Enough

Because of all the stress and wasted time currently associated with the process of using common assessments, they are not being done often enough.  This reduces the identification of important academic, behavior, and/or social-emotional deficits which can have lasting negative impacts for students.

Ten Sigma Solves These Problems!

Ten Sigma's Data Collection Tool is a web-based software solution that is easy to use. It allows educators to save time by efficiently setting up, sending, and collecting assessments to provide important data for solving problems related to student academic, behavior, and social-emotional outcomes.

See How The Data Collection Software
Makes Common Assessments Easy!

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