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What Are Behavior Assessments And
Why Are They Important?


Behavior assessments are tools to help educators to identify important information about inappropriate student behavior.   These assessments  involve observing a student and rating his/her behaviors on one or more settings.


Behavior assessments are important because they help teachers determine whether the student's behaviors occur in specific environments, situations, or if they are generalized across many settings.  In addition, behavior assessments can also help measure the frequency and intensity of certain behavior problems, which is an important step in helping the student.

Ten Sigma's Behavior Surveys Are Unique Because They Are…

Comprehensive and research-based

We consulted with experts (SCANS, Boys Town, World Health Organization, etc.) and asked teachers/administrators what they are experiencing.  We also researched different social skills curriculum and behavior intervention programs.

Designed for 3 different age groups of students

  • 41 skills for Primary grade students (K-2)
  • 63 skills for Intermediate grade students (3-6)
  • 64 skills for students in Middle School Through Adult

Perfect for General Education students and students with Mild Disabilities

Many educators including classroom teachers, special education teachers, social workers, schools psychologists, and counselors have reported students benefiting from using our Behavior surveys.


Helpful In Improving Communication

  • Can be printed and taken OR emailed and taken online
  • Can be customized to meet the needs of your student or class
  • Online survey results are automatically scored, graphed, and sorted
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