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What is TRAX And How Does It Help Teachers?


Ten Sigma believes that we share something very important with all Special Educators, which is the desire to see students make a successful transition to a positive and productive life after school.


Because we share that common goal, Dr. John Wessels and Ten Sigma developed TRAX, which is a comprehensive and research-based Transition software solution that empowers Special Educators by:


  • Improving communication with IEP teams
  • Easily involving the IEP in the education process
  • Ensuring compliance requirements are met
  • Reducing time spent on paperwork
  • Helping educators to spend more time with students


What Makes TRAX So Unique?


TRAX was developed to be a research-based comprehensive Transition system for Special Educators.  One of the most important benefits of TRAX is that it allows educators to organize the important components of their Transition program to ensure compliance with Indicator 13 requirements. 


TRAX is composed of 5 important components including:

  • Transition Assessment Surveys
  • Transition Plan
  • Transition Rubrics
  • Transition Annual Goal Manager
  • Transition Activities
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Summary Of The TRAX Software Modules


  • TRAX Online Transition Assessment Surveys Identify Students Strengths, Needs, And Priorities.

This module contains an easy to use assessment survey that the IEP team will use to identify a student's strengths, needs, and to select the priorities.  The survey can be emailed and taken electronically OR printed and sent in the mail.  The electronic survey results are automatically scored, sorted, and graphed.


  • TRAX Online Transition Plan Is Used To Develop A Plan For Meeting Priorities

In this module, the case manager used the skills identified in the survey as the basis of the Transition Plan.   With this tool, the teacher is able to clearly define the student's Postsecondary Goals, Transition strengths, and Transition needs that are a priority.   With this information, the case manager can determine how the student's needs will be met and who is responsible for meeting them.  The case manager is then able to use the time-saving Transition Plan as a foundation for writing, presenting, discussing, and adapting the IEP. 


  • TRAX Online Transition Rubrics Are Used To Measure Student Present Level and Progress

This contains rubrics for all four Transition sets (Mild, Moderate, Severe, and Autism Spectrum).   Ten Sigma's rubrics are used to (1) establish a student's present level, (2) provide wording for writing IEP goals, (3) focus on specific skills and details that need to be taught, and (4) provide structure for collecting data and reporting progress.


  • TRAX Online Transition Annual Goal Manager Is Used to Write Annual Goals And Objectives

In this module, case managers are able to easily use the data collected from the TRAX survey assessments & rubrics to write individualized, compliant, and measurable annual goals.


  • TRAX Online Activities Are Used To Teach Important Transition Skills

This module contains activity sets designed for students with Mild and Moderate disabilities.  Each activity set is a complete activity unit which contains a Table of Contents, 1 lesson, 8 to 12 activities, and a Certificate of Completion.


Benefits of TRAX Transition Software

Ten Sigma TRAX Transition software benefit list


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