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What are Functional Transition Skills?

Often referred to as “soft” or “behavior” skills, functional Transition skills are adult-readiness skills such as organization, respect, and responsibility.   Skills like these are vital for success in employment, post-secondary education or training, and independent living.

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Functional Transition Skill Assessments are Essential!

IDEA 2004 requires that students are assessed on their academic achievement and functional performance to establish the Present Levels of Academic and Functional Performance (PLAAFP) for important life and employment skills.


While many educators do a good job of assessing academic performance and using interest inventories to develop a student’s Transition plan, they often miss evaluating students on functional skills that are essential for success in adult life.

Failing to Use Functional Skills Assessments is Out of Compliance and Hurts Students

Without assessing functional skills and including them in the PLAAFP, the IEP is not compliant nor does it adequately prepare students for adult life.  By assessing functional skills, the IEP team identifies priorities of functional skill needs and develop annual goals, Transition services, and/or assign courses of study to address those needs.

Ten Sigma's age appropriate Transition assessment surveys are unique because they…

  • Are research-based, covering 7 categories for important life, employment, and education skills
  • Are available for students with Mild, Moderate, Severe, and Autism Spectrum disabilities
  • Make it easy to include students, teachers, parents, and IEP team members
  • Can be emailed and taken online OR printed and mailed
  • Are easy for the taker and are often completed in about 7 minutes
  • Automatically score, sort, and graph the results
  • Can be customized to meet the needs of your students
  • Make it easy to copy-and-paste results into most IEP software
  • Help teachers save time spent on paperwork, so they can focus on their students

Looking for Transition Software that Includes Assessment Surveys?

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