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Ten Sigma's Online Behavior RubricMaker Is
Designed For 3 Groups of Students Including:


  • Students in the primary grades (K-2) – Click here to view some of these rubrics.
  • Students in the intermediate grades (3-6) – Click here to view some of these rubrics.
  • Students in middle school through adult – Click here to view some of these rubrics. 
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Ten Sigma's Behavior Rubrics Are Research Based


In order to provide the best Behavior resources possible, we consulted with experts including SCANS, Boys Town, and World Health Organization.   In addition, we researched social skills curriculum and behavior intervention programs.   We also consulted with teachers and administrators and asked for feedback regarding their student/classroom experiences.

Access All 97 Of Our Ready-To-Use Rubrics
Or Design Your Own Custom Rubrics


With Ten Sigma's Online Behavior RubricMaker you get instant access to 97 rubrics that are perfect for students in Kindergarten through Adult.   They also work well for Special Education students with mild disabilities (SLD, Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, EBD, and BD).

These rubrics are helpful for all types of educators including classroom teachers, social workers, school psychologists, and counselors.    Educators use the rubrics for evaluating:


  • Classroom behavior (whole class)
  • Individual student's behavior
  • A student's response to intervention


Ten Sigma's Behavior rubrics offer many benefits to educators and students which include:


  • Improving communication between teachers, students, and parents
  • Assessing student progress and mastery of behavior skills
  • Designing lessons and activities
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Educators Love The
Customizable Online Behavior RubricMaker
Because They Can…

  1. Search 97 ready-to-use rubrics by keyword and/or category
  2. Create customized rubrics by editing our rubrics or create their own customized rubrics.
  3. Select from Assessment, Progress, and Trial Rubrics
  4. Create custom rubric scales or select a scale from a variety of ready-to-use rubric scoring scales
  5. Select specific details to be scored in each rubric

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Many school districts are looking for a comprehensive resource to help educators improve student behaviors.   The Online RubricMaker provides rubrics that serve 3 populations of students (K-Adult) in one convenient, customizable, and easy-to-use solution!