Why Ten Sigma Rubrics

What are rubrics?

Rubrics are a important tool and a method for communicating expectations. A rubric describes exactly what is expected in completing a task or producing a product – including things such as writing a letter, making a bed, baking a cake, and so forth.


In school, rubrics are sometimes referred to as grading sheets, project guides, or cover pages. They tell students how they will be graded on an assignment, both what items will be graded and what level of quality is required to earn a particular grade. And because they define all this up front, rubrics make a teacher's job of grading assignments much easier. Plus, they give students the guidance they need as they complete the assignment.


Ten Sigma's Behavior Rubric Manuals Are
Designed To Serve 3 Populations Of Students Including:

  • Students in the primary grades (K-2) – Click here to view the list of rubrics included in this manual.
  • Students in the intermediate grades (3-6) – Click here to view the list of rubrics included in this manual.
  • Students in middle school to adult – Click here to view the list of rubrics included in this manual. 
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Research Based Behavior Skills


In order to provide the best Behavior resources possible, we consulted with experts including SCANS, Boys Town, and World Health Organization.   In addition, we researched social skills curriculum and behavior intervention programs.   We also consulted with teachers and administrators and asked for feedback regarding their student/classroom experiences.

Perfect for General Education Students
And Students With Mild Disabilities


Ten Sigma's Behavior rubrics are appropriate for students in General and Special Education – including students with mild disabilities (SLD, Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, EBD, and BD).

These rubrics are helpful for all types of educators including classroom teachers, social workers, school psychologists, and counselors.    Educators use the rubrics for evaluating:


  • Classroom behavior (whole class)
  • Individual student's behavior
  • A student's response to intervention


Ten Sigma's Behavior rubrics offer many benefits to educators and students which include:


  • Improving communication between teachers, students, and parents
  • Assessing student progress and mastery of behavior skills
  • Designing lessons and activities
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