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Response to Intervention

Ten Sigma believes that an important part of academic success in the classroom is helping students to possess the positive and productive behavior skills that result in increased learning.


We help educators to use our research-based behavior assessment surveys and rubrics to help identify and meet the needs of struggling learners in the three tiers of response to intervention by:

  • Tier 1 – Using our rubrics to establish a behavioral baseline for the classroom and use that baseline to identify the skill levels of struggling learners who may need support in order to meet academic and behavioral standards. (major criteria)
  • Tier 2 – Using our assessment surveys, teachers and parents are able to identify the major behavior skill deficits for a struggling learner. Then the teacher (or intervention team) uses our rubrics identify and communicate the specific details of the previously identified behavior skills deficits, so they can adapt curriculum and instruction to better meet the needs of the student. This simple process helps struggling learners to improve the positive and productive behavior skills that are necessary to improve learning success in academic areas (particularly reading and math).
  • Tier 3 – RTI teams can use our behavior assessment surveys and rubrics similarly to how they were used in Tier 2. Our rubrics are also used in measuring and reporting progress or identifying the need for ongoing adjustment to instruction.  Special Education teachers are also able to use our rubrics to write individualized and measurable annual goals and objectives.

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