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Special Education Behavior Tools

Ten Sigma believes that an important part of academic success in the classroom is helping students to possess the positive and productive behavior skills that result in increased learning. 


We help educators to use our research-based behavior assessment surveys and rubrics to identify and meet the behavior related needs of students with special needs by:

  • Identify – Send the assessment surveys to the IEP team for them to identify the behavior skill strengths and needs of the student.
  • Plan – Once a student’s needs are identified, teachers can use the assessment rubric to determine the specific details a student is missing related to a particular behavior skill.  Using that information, a teacher is able to write individualized and measurable annual goals and objectives.
  • Communicate – Teachers are also able to use the skill details and language in the rubrics to communicate with students, parents, other teachers, and IEP team members so everyone is clear what the student is working on.
  • Teach – Teachers identify curriculum and design instruction to teach the necessary behavior skills. 
  • Evaluate – Then teachers use the progress monitoring rubric to monitor, track, and report student progress.  

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